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JAN 22-25, CRAKK Run 2021, Capital Country Holiday Village

FEB 7, Cruzin Rodz and Customs Car Show, Prospect Reservoir, Reservoir Rd, Prospect

FEB 7, 6th Annual Tamworth Swap, Jack Woolaston Oval, Tamworth

MAR 20-21, T-Bucket Nationals - Hawkesbury Showground Clarendon

Back for CRAKK 2021

Entries closed

Enquiries: email

Latest Update, 14th Jan: 

The 2021 CRAKK run is going full steam ahead! After a few cancellations, the venue has re-filled with entrants from the regions. The proposed itinerary remains unchanged, but 'fluid.'

Choose a Krooze

With the ACT borders now open to regional NSW, the Chooze a Krooze can proceed. If you are not going to the Skid Pan on Saturday, you have a choice of two venues:

Kids Entertainment

We have a record number of Little Rodders for 2021, so we have doubled up on entertainment for your rug-rats. Bring along your matchbox cars or your Rocker Cover for racing down the Rocker Cover race track. Got a cool bike? Bring it along for the Dukes' Bike Show n Shine. The Remote Controlled Car races are on again, so charge up the batteries and bring your RC cars along for Sunday's racing.

Kids Hunt 1 and 2

Our famous 'treasure hunt' is on again, only this time there's TWO! One on Saturday, one on Sunday. We can't tell you what the items are that the kids will be hunting for, but two of them are 'special.' For each hunt, three prizes will be awarded - the two 'special' things, and one for whoever gathers the most. You'll get instructions each morning on the hunt.

Major Raffle and Prizes

The Major Raffle prize is a Hot Rod trailer supplied by Resort Trailers in Queanbeyan. The Early Entrant's Prize is a Kincrome 94 piece portable workshop toolkit thanks to Capital Bearing Supplies. The Major Entrant's Prize is a Spitwater HC12180P Cold Water Cleaner thanks to Tractor Replacements.

Tool Box Key, Guessing Competitions

Another 'raffle' will be the sale of keys for the two locked toolboxes. Inside the toolboxes are special prizes, one for boys and one for girls. On Sunday during the presentations, you will have the opportunity to try your key in the lock. If it opens, the toolbox, and everything in it, is yours! Watch out for Key Sales at registration. There will also be jars of.....things. Guess how many things are in the jar, and you win it!

Karnival Kuisine

Dagwood dogs, pizza, donuts, fairy floss, hot dogs, chips, slushies, baked spuds, and more will all be on sale over the weekend from vans scattered around the park. A coffee van will also be available, because we can't provide the help-yourself coffee from past CRAKK runs.

NSW Government COVID-19 Requirements

We have finalised our COVID-Safe operations for the weekend in conjunction with the CCHP COVID-Safe Plan. Our COVID-Safe Officer is Les Rice. The rules are simple - QR Code and Declaration. When you arrive at reception for your accommodation, sign in. If you are an Entrant, you only need to do this once. Your armband means that your details are recorded for the weekend.

NOTE! If you have booked accommodation at the CCHP and you have others staying with you, you are responsible for ensuring they are all listed on the declaration. THIS INCLUDES YOUR BUDDIES ON A BUDDY PASS!

If you are NOT entered, you must scan the QR Code and sign the declaration at Reception every day you come to the CCHP. You will be issued a wrist band that's a different colour to the Entrants so that our COVID-Safe Officer knows you have scanned in. Anyone found wandering around without a wrist band will be asked to log in or leave the park.

Previous Updates


Friday 22 January  
1400 - 1600 Registration
1800 - 1930 Registration
2000 Meet n Greet with Coordinator, committee and sponsors. Sausage sizzle, beverages.
Saturday 23 January  
0730 - 0830 Breakfast, Bacon and Egg Rolls
0800 - 0900 Registration
0900 Kids Hunt 1 BEGINS!
0830 SKID PAN! Line up for cruise to Sutton Driver Training complex
0840 Depart for Skid Pan
0900 Line up for Choose a Krooze
0940 Depart for Dirty Jane's and Retro Garage, Fyshwick.
0945 Depart for Federation Square
  • Activities at CCHP - at a distance.
  • Aqua Golf
  • Beer Lid Flippy Comp
  • Kids Rocker Cover and Matchbox Car Racing
1400 - 1500 Final Registration
1430 - 1730 Official Kroozin' in 50s kroozin' gear - Bree's give-aways - from a distance
1730 - 1830 Dinner at the Park - Rockin' Burger and Chips
2000 - 2330 Rock it up with Wes Pudsey and the Sonic Aces
Sunday 24 January  
0730 - 0830 Breakfast, Bacon and Eggs
0900 Kids Hunt 2 Begins!
0915 Line up for krooze to Show n Shine
0930 Show n Shine, Queanbeyan Park (TBC) or within CCHP
1030 - 1330 Show n Shine
From 1430 Remote control car racing
  Dukes Bicycle Show n Shine
1500 - 1800 Official Kroozin' and Bree's Give-aways
1600 - 1730 Hand in voting slips, colouring competitions, etc. Merchandise and raffle ticket sales
1800 - 1930 Karnival Kuisine. Food vans on site.
2000 - 2130 Roving trivia night - keep your distance!
Monday 25 January  
0730 - 0830 Breakfast, Pancakes
0930 Presentations
1100 Farewells and Hot Dogs

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