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Upcoming Events

For details check the ASRF Web Site

JAN 22-25, CRAKK Run 2021, Capital Country Holiday Village

FEB 7, Cruzin Rodz and Customs Car Show, Prospect Reservoir, Reservoir Rd, Prospect

FEB 7, 6th Annual Tamworth Swap, Jack Woolaston Oval, Tamworth

MAR 20-21, T-Bucket Nationals - Hawkesbury Showground Clarendon

Members Page

The CHRA has evolved into what it is today - an open forum for all interested Hot Rodders. We invite all enthusiasts of modified, pre 48 Hot Rods and pre 65 Customs to our meetings, and that includes those who are already in another club.  There is no probationary period for full  membership.

The CHRA meets once a month to discuss matters of a Hot Rodding nature. At this time, meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at the Spanish Club, 5 Narupai Place, Narrabundah, ACT commencing at 7PM. Members are encouraged to attend regular monthly meetings and stay up to date with changes to the administration of our hobby, coming events and to interact with like minded enthusiasts.


The current membership base is strong and extremely diverse, with garage scenes taking in some of the cars currently under construction, outings and Rod runs.  Annual membership fees are just $20 per person, and are due by the Annual General Meeting each year. New and existing members must complete a Membership Application/Renewal Form so that the committee always has your details up to date:

Bring your hard copy form to the Treasurer at a meeting, via email or post it to the PO Box.  Fees can be direct deposited or you can pay cash/cheque to the Treasurer at the meetings. Details are on the membership form.

The CHRA is a charter association of the Australian Street Rod Federation (Inc) or commonly known as the ASRF. You need to be a financial member of the ASRF to join the CHRA. We can accept your ASRF fees at the discounted club rate on behalf of the ASRF.

The CHRA was incorporated in 1994. The constitution of the CHRA can be downloaded HERE.

Members of the CHRA can send images of their cars and/or projects along with technical details to and they will be added to the Members Cars page.


The CHRA Annual General Meeting is held within the first three months of each financial year.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an important event for every organisation and an essential requirement for incorporated organisations. It gives its members, the general public and the committee a broad overview of the Association's current directions and financial health and confirms its purpose.

It is also the time to revitalise the Association through the official engagement of members into key elected positions. Most importantly, the CHRA wants to make the AGM a positive experience, ensuring that members have a say in the direction of the Association and go away firmly committed to its goals, long and short term, with the members knowing they have contributed to the preferred way forward of the Association.

It is also an important governance process for the members of the CHRA. It can ensure transparency, provide updates and give members an opportunity to vote on a range of matters.

The purpose of an AGM is to

    • Comply with legislative requirements
    • Present the financial accounts to the members
    • Report to the members on the activities of the club
    • Ensure committee rotation happens in an orderly manner
    • Consider and vote on rule changes and recommendations
    • Consider any other topics as required by the Association’s rules
    • Appointment of an auditor/public officer (if required)
    • Provides the members the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback to the committee